METHODOLOGY (Our Recipe for Success)

We listen to you
At i studio we start by listening. In our view, listening to our clients is the most important part of the process, whereby we get to know you and fully understand your needs.

We work together with you
At i studio we work with you to create an initial design plan, explain the process and give you a time schedule. Together we create a list of goals and objectives so that you can monitor the success of your new branding after we’ve finished the project.

We allow ourselves time to think
Once we have an initial design plan we go away and give ourselves time to think about your project. We talk about it, sketch it and play around with ideas until we feel we have the right recipe. Only then will we start cooking!

The final product
When we’re happy with the results we’ll invite you to come for a tasting. If there’s any ingredient not to your liking we’ll be happy to make some adjustments.


Grasping the concept is the key to successful design. Just as beauty is the essence of fine art, so the concept is the essence of a great design. However, that concept has to retain its beauty.

Our studio offers you a range of services suitable for all your marketing needs, specializing in creative graphic design. Our highly professional team provides solutions for retail packaging, brand logos, printed material and websites.

Working with both local and international companies we help our clients transform their ideas into successful designs. We work with both new and well known companies helping them to create new approaches and present their products at their best.

Our team members use their skills and experience to achieve your goals and meet your objectives. We will analyze your potential target markets and evaluate your competitors to optimize your marketing potential.

Whatever you want to say about your brand we can tailor a design to present it at its best.

Ask our clients – they will tell you the rest.


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